Winchester Model 70 Super Grade French Walnut

A 2020 SHOT Show Special...

Kevin Wilson
September 24, 2020


Winchester Model 70 Super Grade French Walnut

M70 Supergrade double vertical

2020 Shot Show Special ‐ Grade AAA French walnut, polished blued barrel, ebony forearm tip, M.O.A. trigger, hinged floorplate, jeweled bolt body, knurled bolt handle, Pachmayr Decelerator recoil pad

M70 Supergrade bolt receiver close

"The Rifleman's Rifle"

It's still the Rifleman's Rifle. No other bolt‐action in history can inspire the passion, command the loyalty or create a sense of excitement among dedicated marksmen like the Model 70®. Since 1936 it's been the benchmark against which every other bolt‐action rifle is measured. Discover the rifleman's rifle for yourself.

M70 Supergrade winchester receiver

RECEIVER ‐ Steel; Polished blued

M70 Supergrade barrel

BARREL ‐ Polished blued finish; Free‐floating; Target crown

ACTION ‐ M.O.A. Trigger System; Pre‐64 action; Three‐position safety; Controlled Round Feed; Controlled ejection

M70 Supergrade left towards

M70 Supergrade right towards

M70 Supergrade forend cap

STOCK ‐ Grade AAA French Walnut; Ebony forearm tip; Polished steel pistol grip cap; Shadowline cheekpiece

M70 Supergrade floorplate

M70 Supergrade sling swivel stud

M70 Supergrade SuperGrade

FEATURES ‐ "Super Grade" hinged floorplate; Jeweled bolt body; Knurled bolt handle; Pachmayr Decelerator recoil pad; Recessed integral sling swivel studs

Item#535239220 is chambered in .308 WIN, has a 22" barrel, and an MSRP of $1959.99. Your local Gallery of Guns dealer will get you a much better price.

Other chamberings are available and can be found HERE.