Davidson's or galleryofguns.com?

What is the relationship between "Davidson's" and "GalleryofGuns.com"?

GalleryofGuns.com is the consumer website of Davidson's, one of the oldest and largest wholesale firearms distributors in the country. It was launched in November of 1998 by Davidson's to actively promote the product of its suppliers and the businesses of its customers, GalleryofGuns.com has become a powerful source of information, jam-packed with pictures and detailed specifications on thousands of firearms from over 80 of the industry's leading manufacturers/importers.)

Can I buy a firearm through the Internet? Is it possible to buy online from you?

While it is possible to arrange a purchase using features like our revolutionary Gun Genie, you need to take physical possession of a firearm at a Federally Firearm Licensed (FFL) location. It is against the law to ship directly to the end consumer. Use Retailer Near You to find a local gun shop and you will need to pick up your firearm at their place of business. So technically, you cannot purchase a firearm on the Internet without at least having to use a licensed dealer to complete the transaction. We try to facilitate our retailers business by showing you what is available in one of this nations largest distributors inventory and allow you to arrange to purchase through our supporting dealer network. Nowhere else on the Internet can you see full color pictures with complete specifications of so many firearms, see if it is in stock, get our GuaranteeD® Lifetime Replacement Warranty for comfort in your purchase, arrange for your retailer to purchase it for you, give a deposit online and get the firearm you want quickly.

Why are the prices on your site so high?

Davidson's is a wholesaler of firearms and sells only to Federal Firearms Licensed dealers meeting our criteria as a reseller. The prices you see are only "Manufacturer Suggested Retail Prices" not Davidson's selling price to our dealers. However, if you see a firearm that you want to buy, you can simply use our Gun Genie feature to have a Retailer Near You price the firearm to you and arrange for you to pick it up. We require a 25% deposit based on the "Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price" that we list but it ensures that you get the firearm you want and will be credited against the transaction price.
Another thing to remember is that all firearms purchased through Galleryofguns.com are covered by Davidson's GuaranteeD® Lifetime Replacement Program. That's a pretty sweet deal!


In Gun Genie, what does “allocated” mean?

An allocated item is one where the demand for it far out steps the supply of an item, therefore enabling Davidson’s to sell all receipts of the item in less than a week and many times in a matter of hours.

If an item is "currently Allocated", it means that this item is unavailable to order online at this time. Please contact your local retailer for availability.

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