Weekly Special FOCUS: Exclusive TriStar Setter Lightweight

Gorgeous Turkish Walnut sets this Davidson's Exclusive apart...

One of this week's Weekly Specials is this Davidson's Exclusive from TriStar.

Our Exclusive TriStar Setter Lightweight is a beautiful over/under shotgun chambered in 12 gauge with 28" vent‐ribbed, chrome‐lined barrels.

The Setter Lightweight features a solid frame for durability and strength, sealed actions to keep dirt out, self‐adjusting locking lugs, top tang barrel selector and safety, and steel mono‐block barrel construction and Turkish Walnut with semi‐gloss finish.

The primary safety is located on the top tang. When engaged, the safety is designed to block the trigger, hammer lever and the hammer which makes the firing mechanism immobile. The safety slides forward and backward (back is safe). When the safety is engaged, the shooter may move it left or right to select which barrel will fire first. Placing the safety switch to the right will fire the top barrel first, to the left will fire the bottom barrel first.


Vent Top
Brass Bead sight
Single Selective Trigger
Chrome‐lined 3" Chamber and Barrel
Turkish Walnut Stock and Forearm
Weight 6.3 lbs
5 Beretta®/Benelli® Mobil Style Choke Tubes (SK, IC, M, IM, F)

Item#98655 has an MSRP of $489.00 but your local Gallery of Guns dealer will get you a much better price.