Walther Extends 30-Day Return Policy

Walther Extends 30-Day Return

Kevin Wilson
August 9, 2019
Industry News

Walther Extends the Industry's First 30‐Day Money Back Guarantee to PPQ & PPS Pistols.

The introduction of the industry's first 30‐day money‐back guarantee for pistols extends to include the PPQ and PPS. This revolutionary program ensures confidence in the purchase of a new gun. The simplicity of the process makes it easy for anyone to participate, Walther Dealers only need to sell the pistol for it to qualify for the user. The user can take the gun home and shoot as much as they want during the first 30 days. If the pistol does not fully meet expectations, return it to Walther for a full refund of the purchase, including tax and shipping.

The return process is simple, follow these easy steps.

 1.) Visit www.WaltherOwnersClub.com
2.) Click "Return a Firearm"
3.) Fill out the form with your contact information.
4.) Upload a copy of your receipt or proof of purchase.
5.) Submit the form.
6.) Print the return label emailed to you.
7.) Unload the pistol and place it in the original case.
8.) Place the case into a cardboard box and attach the shipping label.
9.) Drop off at approved FedEx location.
10.) Receive your refund within two weeks.

Whether you buy the new pistol from a local gun shop or an online retailer, the pistol qualifies for the guarantee.

 "Consumers are often hesitant to put down their hard‐earned money on a firearm purchase, simply because if they don't like it, they are stuck with the product. Walther is proud to be the first company to guarantee customer satisfaction out of our pistols, and by expanding the program to include the PPS M2 series of pistols, we are giving the consumer more options that they can feel good about when they purchase," said Bret Vorhees, V.P. of Sales and Marketing for Walther Arms, Inc.

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