VIDEO: Weatherby SHOT Show 2020 - 6-lug vs 9-lug

Learn why 6-lug or 9-lug action on Weatherby rifles.

Weatherby is known for two actions - a 6-lug and a 9-lug. Confusion abounds as to which is which and why. As Adam says in the video "Everyone's familiar with short-action and long-action. Ours are both long-action but they're "standard" and "magnum".

Enter the 6.5 RPM. A cartridge introduced by Weatherby just a couple of months ago.

Adam and I talked in a meeting at this past week's SHOT Show and he was lamenting the fact that he saw a general confusion in social media, on the 'net, etc. "People just don't seem to get it." So I said, "Then why don't we tell them?"

And here's the man to explain all of the above. Ladies and Gentlemen - Adam Weatherby: