VIDEO: Nosler Model 48 Action

Part One of a multi-part series...


Nosler Model 48 Action ‐ Part One

Nosler M48 in vise

Nosler's line of Production Rifles sets a new bar for what is considered "standard" in a factory produced rifle. They include features like their hand‐lapped and blueprinted Nosler action, premium match‐grade barrels, glass and pillar bedded stocks, finely tuned custom trigger, and all‐weather Cerakote® finish in every rifle they hand build in their plant in Central Oregon. Their assembly methods incorporate hand craftsmanship with an assembly environment borrowed from Nosler's innovative bullet production lines, yielding a rifle of extremely high quality.

At the heart of every rifle is the action. With the Model 48, Nosler ups the bar in almost every aspect.

In this multi‐part video series, we'll take a look at what makes the Model 48 action one of the strongest, most reliable, easy to maintain, and most accurate in the industry.

Part 1: Blueprinting, Cutouts, Disassembly, Extractor, Firing Pin

Stay tuned for more on this phenomenal line of rifles from Nosler. All of our Model 48 SKUs can be found at THIS LINK.