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2-12x42 Firedot Tri-MOA produced with Kyle Lamb...

Kevin Wilson
November 16, 2020



Davidson's Exclusive Leupold VX‐6HD 2‐12x42 Firedot Tri‐MOA

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Developed in conjunction with Sgt. Major Ret. Kyle Lamb of Viking Tactics, the VX‐6HD VTAC delivers all of the VX‐6HD's edge‐to‐edge clarity, outstanding brightness, color consistency, and resolution in a limited‐edition black‐ring design. The wide zoom range and our latest technology, which includes an in‐scope electronic reticle level, CDS‐ ZL2 ZeroLock elevation dial, and removable throw lever, make your VX‐6HD the most versatile Leupold riflescope ever made. We built it for anything and everything, including your next epic adventure.

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See more in less light with Twilight Max HD Light Management System

‐ Maximizes ambient light in extreme low‐light environments
‐ Excellent glare management and virtually eliminates image wash‐out caused by stray light
‐ Premium High Definition edge‐to‐edge lens clarity

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Eliminates holdovers on mid‐range shots with the two‐turn ZeroLock (CDS‐ZL2) adjustment
Eliminates accidental dial movement with the push‐button ZeroLock system
Simplifies mounting and improves long‐range accuracy with electronic leveling system
Sheds dirt and water for clear, crisp images with Guard‐ion lens coating
Creates a visible aiming point in low‐light conditions with FireDot illumination

Extends battery life with Motion Sensor Technology (MST)

Brings the reticle into focus quickly with fast‐focus eyepiece

180680 throw lever

Allows for quick magnification changes with reversible throwlever

Disperses recoil energy for unrivaled durability with ultra‐lightweight construction

Superior ruggedness is verified through Leupold' Punisher testing process

Waterproof, fogproof, and guaranteed to perform for life


Twilight Max HD Light Management System

6:1 zoom ratio

30mm maintube

Fast‐focus eyepiece

Guard‐ion lens coatings

Scratch‐resistant lenses

Reversible throw lever

Motion Sensor Technology (MST)

180680 reticle

10 MOA of measurement in each direction with the Tri‐MOA reticle

CDS‐ZL2 dial

FireDot illumination

Lightweight design (19.7 oz)

180680 flipup

180680 objective

Alumina Flip‐back lens covers

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Item#180680 has an MSRP of $2,199.99 but your local GOG dealer will get you a much better price.

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