TriStar TT-15 Series Trap Guns

Serious value for the serious trap shooter...


TriStar Arms TT‐15 Trap Series


The TT‐15 series is TriStar's line of dedicated trap guns. The TT‐15 line offers precision, beauty and performance. Available in 4 variations, Top Single, Unsingle, Double Trap and Combo (Unsingle and Double Trap barrels). The TT‐15's are loaded with features; including a raised target rib with 3 adjustment points, adjustable comb, palm swell, fiber optic sight and color coded extended Beretta®/Benelli® Mobil chokes.

We'll get to all of the features, but first I wanted to talk about the wood. The Turkish shotguns we've seen from TriStar are nothing short of amazing for the price.

TriStar Wood

From our Exclusive TriStar Setter Lightweight to the Viper G2 Bronze, the quality and beauty of the wood stocks are simply astounding at their price.



The TT‐15 Trap series' walnut stocks continue in that now‐familiar TriStar quality of offering.

The Ultimate in Adjustability and Customization

Trap shooters are renowned for their attention to detail and custom fit. In fact, all shotgun sports enthusiasts will tell you that nothing is more critical to success than having a shotgun that "fits". Most shotguns offered are built to the specifications of the "average" shooter. Not in skill ‐ but in size, stature, and build. It's just not possible to mass‐produce a shotgun that exactly fits everyone.

For the most part, we all get along with our production shotguns and happily bust some clays and do some upland hunting with decent success.

However, once you get into serious shotgun sports ‐ trap is a perfect example ‐ the shooter needs more adjustability. Yes, you can get shotguns custom‐fitted to you, but the expense is nothing to laugh about.

TriStar's TT‐15 series addresses this by allowing a near infinite combination of adjustments that can really dial in the fit.

Comb and Recoil Pad Adjustments

Let's start with comb adjustments. Most shotguns have no adjustments for the comb, while several have height only.


The goal of precisely adjusting the comb is to be able to mount the shotgun and have the eye, rib, and sight perfectly aligned. TriStar's TT‐15 allows adjustments to the left or right (cast‐on and cast‐off respectively) as well as height both overall and individually on the comb mount posts using supplied spacers.


The adjustable recoil pad system allows both length‐of‐pull adjustments using the supplied spacers as well as drop at toe (bottom of pad) and drop at heel (top of pad).


Furthermore, you can actually adjust the cant (angle) of the recoil pad by a combination of sliding the top and bottom posts to the right or left. Included with the gun are all length‐of‐pull spacers (engraved with thickness) as well as different thickness shims for the comb posts.

Barrel Rib Adjustments

The TT‐15 also allows for adjustments to obtain the dersired overall height and vertical angle of the rib.


To adjust rib for desired positioning use the included allen wrench to loosen both set screws at the rib pivot point, located at the middle of the rib.


To adjust the Point of Impact the front adjustment can be raised or lowered. This will allow the POI to be set at the desired position.


To adjust the sight picture the rear adjustment can be raised or lowered. This will allow the sight pictured to be set at the desired position.

TriStar gives you everything you need with the TT‐15 series. All spacers, shims, tools, and the adjustability points to really fine‐tune that fit.


Also included with the package are five extended, knurled, color‐coded Beretta®/Benelli® Mobil chokes (Full, Improved Modified, Modified, Improved Cylinder, Skeet).

Normally a feature set such as found on the TT‐15, coupled with the high polished blue finish and amazing Turkish walnut stock would run into many thousands of dollars. TriStar is known as "The Value Experts" for a reason. Offer this series to your trap customers and you ‐ and more importantly them ‐ won't be disappointed.


Item#35416, TT‐15 Trap, DT Adjustable, 12 gauge, 32" backbored barrels, ejectors, MSRP $1,525.00


We also offer single/double combos (Item#35418 pictured bottom). Find the entire TT‐15 series from TriStar at this link.