TALO Edition Ruger Max-9

TALO Edition Ruger Max-9 in Turquoise & Satin Aluminum Cerakote

Kevin Wilson
May 16, 2023



                                  TALO Edition Ruger Max-9

3511 right angle

Fresh stock in inventory of the TALO Edition Ruger Max‐9™!

The Ruger Max‐9™ is a best of all worlds compact pistol from a maker you trust. This TALO Edition takes the aesthetics of this pistol to a new level.

The slide is finished in a durable satin aluminum cerakote, while the frame is cerakoted turquoise. An eye‐catching combination sure to please your customers that are looking for something a little differ

Like the original Max‐9™ however, the features and capabilities of this pistol remain the same.

3511 with mags

Item#3511 ships with two E‐Nickel Teflon® coated magazines ‐ one 12‐round and one 10‐round. The 10‐round magazine comes with a flush baseplate for ease of concealment, however, there is a finger extension baseplate included.

Just one of the appealing features of the Max‐9™ is this increased capacity in such a compact carry gun.

3511 opticsplate

Like the original, this TALO Edition Max‐9™ has an optic-cut slide enabling the user to co‐witness JPoint™ and Shield-pattern micro red dot sights.

3511 muzzle

The business end of the Max‐9™ is artfully beveled to allow ease of reholstering.

3511 frontsight

3511 rearsight

The sights include a light‐gathering Tritium fiber optic front day/night sight and a drift‐adjustable, flat‐faced, "rackable" rear sight.

Other Features:

Striker‐fired with a short, smooth trigger pull, clean break and positive reset

Slim, lightweight and compact for personal protection while still providing a capacity of up to 12+1 rounds of 9mm Luger ammunition

Rugged construction with through‐hardened alloy steel slide; one‐piece, precision‐machined fire control chassis; and high‐performance, glass‐filled nylon grip frame

Medium‐textured grip frame provides a secure and comfortable grip

Cold hammer‐forged barrel results in ultra–precise rifling that provides exceptional accuracy and longevity

Safety features include integrated trigger safety, manual safety, internal striker blocker and inspection port that allows for visual confirmation of a loaded or empty chamber

Reversible magazine release

left down

Item#3511  an MSRP of $570.00 but your local dealer can get you a much better price. Click the quote button below to see prices in your area.

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