TALO Edition Ruger Mark IV "Raffir"

A very limited offering from TALO - the Mark IV Raffir

Kevin Wilson
January 15, 2020

Weekly Specials include this gorgeous TALO Edition Mark IV Hunter "Raffir"

Only 1,000 produced...VERY limited edition

This TALO Edition Ruger Mark IV Hunter comes with some very special features and looks to set it apart.

Start with a, unique to the Hunter series, fluted 4.5" bull barrel tipped with a HiViz fiber optic front sight.

The Raffir comes with a ribbed target‐style trigger.

The rear sight is adjustable for dialing in the accuracy depending on loads used.

The grip panels are where the Raffir gets its name. Raffir Composites are materials made of natural fibers or metals and polymer resins. Raffir® chooses plant fibers for their light color, patterns and textures. The metals are brass, bronze and aluminum with their machinability and corrosion resistance. Finally, the polymer resins bind the materials together, while giving contrast and 3D depth. The result is a deep semi‐translucent high contrast material for fine handles, jewelry etc.

And in the case of this TALO Edition ‐ for beautiful firearm grip panels...

Item#40172 has an MSRP of $947.00