TALO Edition North American Arms PUG - "The Dude"

Custom touches set this Pug apart...

Gallery of Guns is your source for all things TALO. We love exclusives ‐ obviously our own ‐ but we also love being one of TALO's biggest and longest‐running distribution partners.

The North American Arms Pug mini‐revolver has always enjoyed success. Give it the TALO treatment and you've got something even more special.

"The Dude" sports a color case‐hardened finish on its frame and 1" heavy barrel with a stainless‐finished safety‐notched 5 round cylinder.

Even allowing for its diminutive size (overall length 4.5"), picking up your target is made much easier with the XS White Dot front sight, ribbed top to cut glare, and white notched "V" rear sight.

An extra nice touch is the inclusion of a custom‐made leather Desantis holster and custom Rosewood grips.

Item#NAA‐PUG‐DCH is currently featured as part of our Weekly Specials.  MSRP is $429.99, but your local Gallery of Guns dealer will get you a much better price.