SIG SAUER Academy - Pistol Drill

Few people can say they've never flinched or anticipated a shot. Here's one way to work on fixing that.

From our friends at the National Shooting Sports Foundation comes this video with Adam Painchaud of the SIG SAUER Shooting Academy.

Most new shooters and, for that matter, a great many seasoned shooters will "anticipate" the shot. For right-handers this will result in a low-left hit on the target, for left-handers - low-right.

Sound familiar?

Here's a drill that will help you on the way to conquering that "flinch".

Director of the Sig Sauer Academy in New Hampshire, Adam Painchaud shares a pistol drill that can help improve your trigger-finger discipline and overall accuracy. If you know you're flinching in anticipation of the shot then work on correcting it by trying this drill. (NSSF Video)