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November 9, 2018

The 450 Bushmaster has grown in the industry in that last few years. This is in part to that fact that a number of states are allowing the use of some straight-walled cases for deer hunting where as previously they were only allow to hunt with shotguns. The 450 Bushmaster was originally designed by Tim LeGendre from Col. Jeff Cooper's concept of a "Thumper" rifle. Hornady, Bushmaster and LeGendre came together and the .450 Bushmaster was born. The 450 Bushmaster is 45-70 Gov't power in a smaller more modern package. Originally designed for AR-15 platform rifles, Ruger saw the opportunity to offer a bolt gun in this "Thumper" of a cartridge. Ruger introduced the American Ranch Rifle in 450 Bushmaster. It features a 16.12 inch barrel with a hybrid muzzle brake, Ruger Marksman Adjustable Trigger, Flat Dark Earth composite stock, and a three round detachable magazine.

The 450 Bushmaster is a Thumper. Not only is it a great hog hunting round, but it's also a great option for states that have straight wall cartridge hunting restrictions, and not to mention, it's fun and powerful to shoot!

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Also available from Ruger in 450 Bushmaster is their famed Gunsite Scout Rifle. Featuring a 16.10" stainless steel barrel with a Hybrid Muzzle Brake, front protected blade and rear adjustable ghost ring sights, four round detachable magazine, forwarded mounted picatinny rail, and a black synthetic stock.

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