Rock Island Armory M5 Matte Nickel Pump Shotgun Davidson's Exclusive

Old-school reliability meets modern tactical shotgun

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June 14, 2019
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High Standard Flite King shotguns were prolific in the mid to late 60's and into the early 70's. If you remember them or have shot or seen one you will probably notice Rock Island Armory's M5 (Item# 51330)is very reminiscent of the old Flite Kings. Mechanically the M5 is very similar but modern times have brought new features. The M5 features a 20 inch barrel that is chambered for 12 Gauge, three inch loads and has a fixed cylinder bore choke. The shotgun is constructed with 4140 ordnance steel and has a matte nickel finish making it a very reliable and durable shotgun. The M5 feeds from a 5 round tubular magazine. Cycle those shells through the action with the grooved forend offers comfort and control. If you have been slinging a lot of lead the matte nickel heat shield is there to help prevent contact with the barrel.

The action on the M5 is just like that of the old High Standards that some many remember, butter smooth. Extra care has been taken to jewel the bolt on the M5. It has a standard manual safety located just in front of the trigger on the trigger guard and it has a slide lock release on the left side of the trigger guard just behind the trigger.

The M5 features a synthetic buttstock with a rubber recoil pad and storage for two shotgun shells in the stock for fast access.