Product Spotlight: TALO Edition Ruger 10/22 - "Great White"

Engraved French Walnut is the defining feature on this TALO Edition 10/22

Kevin Wilson
May 11, 2020

This week's Product Spotlight is this sweet TALO Edition 10/22 Carbine ‐ The Great White.

The stock, of course, is the standout feature on this 10/22. Engraved French Walnut with the Great White shark on the right side of the buttstock along with sea‐like features...

...including of course, the Ruger phoenix on the pistol grip.

The left (cheek‐side) of the buttstock is the elegant monte carlo style.

The schnabel‐style forend includes engraved shark's teeth wrapping around both sides.

The rear sight is a folding, adjustable leaf‐style that is paired with a bladed Gold bead front sight.

Other features:

18.5" barrel
Drilled and tapped receiver
Cross bolt safety
Scope base included
One ten‐round rotary magazine

Item#31148 has an MSRP of $485.00, however your Gallery of Guns dealer will get you a MUCH better price.