NRA Gun of the Week: Beretta A300 Ultima Patrol

This Week's Gun of the Week is the Beretta A300 Ultima Patrol

On this Gun Of The Week episode, the American Rifleman staff has an American-made 12-ga. shotgun from Beretta. Meet the A300 Ultima Patrol.

History has shown that, as time evolves in the gun world, so do technologies and products that are built to make our lives safer and more enjoyable. A prime example of that is Beretta’s American-made A300 Ultima Patrol. Back in 2016, right here on Gun Of The Week, American Rifleman’s Brian Sheetz discussed the features of a semi-automatic shotgun also made by Beretta: the 1301 Comp.

At the time of that video, Beretta was just opening a 156,000-sq.-ft., state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Gallatin, Tenn. It wasn’t long after that we saw the release of the Beretta A300, which is built at the new Gallatin facility. The A300 is a gas-operated 12-gauge that continues Beretta’s legacy of top-tier engineering, and the design is geared toward the cost-conscious American consumer.

Throughout our testing, the A300 Ultima Patrol performed admirably. Its self-cleaning, gas-operated action is robust and functions reliably with even the heaviest 3” shells. Its seven-round tubular magazine is ideal for defensive use, and this particular model is also built with an aluminum receiver that is anodized and coated with a gray Cerakote finish.

The A300 Ultima Patrol's barrel is made of steel, measures 19.1” long and is threaded for chokes, which is quite the departure from most tactical-type shotguns that tend to stick with a fixed constriction at the muzzle. Beneath the barrel, the extended magazine tube is secured with a clamp to provide support for the tube’s extended length, and clamp provides a recessed QD socket for a sling, in addition to M-Lok slots.

Controls are enlarged for accessibility, and they’re super easy to use, too. You get a large, serrated paddle on the right side that is the bolt release. A reciprocation charging handle comes standard on the A300, but this model has a proud, round profile and annular grooves for purchase. The safety is a crossbolt design and nests just forward of the trigger. The A300 Ultima Patrol comes with a black synthetic stock, which is topped by a comfortable recoil pad measuring ½ an inch thick.

On the range, our testers found that the polymer furniture is well-shaped and well-textured for added control. Though its length of pull is short, the stock can be adjusted to the shooter through a series of shims, further bolstering this gun’s utility. In addition to the fore-end’s aggressive, molded-in texturing, Beretta includes additional M-Lok slots for accessories. We found the gun’s protected fixed sights are quite useful, too. You get a ghost-ring at the rear and a fiber-optic pipe up front. Should you want to run an optic, Beretta has you covered, as this model comes from the factory with a Picatinny rail installed atop the receiver.

All told, this latest Beretta offering is fast-handling, easy to load, fun to shoot and effective for a wide range of uses.

Beretta A300 Ultima Patrol Specifications

Manufacturer: Beretta USA

Action Type: gas-operated, semi-automatic shotgun

Gauge: 12; 3"

Receiver: aluminum, gray Cerakote finish

Stock: black synthetic

Magazine: tubular, seven round

Trigger: 5-lb., 2-oz. pull

Sights: fixed, winged; ghost-ring rear, fiber-optic front

Weight: 7 lbs, 2 ozs.

Accessories: choke tube wrench, shims, spacers, screws

MSRP: $1,099