New Taurus Arrivals and Extended Rebates

New Arrivals of Taurus 856 Revolvers

Kevin Wilson
October 2, 2019
Guns + Gear

New Taurus Arrivals just in time to take advantage of their extended rebates.

Built for personal defense. Perfected for everyday carry. Lightweight. Easy to conceal. Exceptionally reliable. The Taurus® 856 is finely tuned to deliver the ultimate peace of mind for home and personal defense situations.

Taurus 856 UL, 38 Special +P, 6 round capacity, 2" barrel, Serrated ramp front sight, fixed rear, transfer bar safety.

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The Taurus 856 is a reliable 6‐shot, 38 Special revolver that features soft rubber grips ‐ making it comfortable to shoot at the range while the double/single action increases speed and accuracy for follow‐up shots. Known for its easily managed recoil impulse, the .38 Special round of the 856 can accommodate ammunition ranging from light target loads to self‐defense rounds. The DA/SA action and 2‐inch barrel on the 856 optimizes on‐body or off‐body carry, and home defense usage.

Taurus 856, 38 Special +P, 6 round capacity, 2" barrel, matte stainless finish.

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And don't forget - Taurus' Sizzling Summer Rebate program on 856 Revolvers has been extended through November 30, 2019!!