New Remington Model Seven Threaded Kuiu

Built for speed, made for tight spaces.

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January 31, 2019
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Carry a Model Seven in the field an you'll understand why it's considered one of the finest dense-cover rifles in America. For those of you who are not familiar with the Model Seven it has been around since 1980. It is basically a smaller version of the Model 700. The Model Seven has the same legendary strength as the Model 700 with "three-rings-of-steel" (bolt face, barrel,and receiver) encasing the cartridge head. The cylindrical receiver design provides a consistent bedding area in the stock. The Model Seven is primarily chambered in short action calibers and is a great fast handling rifle. Remington recently release this new Model Seven that features a 16.5 inch barrel, threaded muzzle, and matte black finish. It has a synthetic stock with the Kuiu Vias camo pattern. The Kuiu Vias pattern is a macro-camouflage designed with light, medium, and dark earth-tones to create visual confusion for breaking up outlines at distance. It was originally design for open aired areas where sheep are normally hunted but works well in many different terrains. This Kuiu Model Seven is chambered in two calibers 308 Winchester and 300 AAC Blackout. Weighing in around six pounds, it makes for a handy little rifle. Lighning-fast in close quarters. Superbly accurate for the long shot.