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131 FREE firearms up for grabs!!

Kevin Wilson
November 15, 2019
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MFF continues to make tremendous strides in furthering the Muley Fanatic Foundation mission through efficient efforts designed to be simple in modeling but profound in impact. With a funding model designed to retain and allocate 70% of the funds where the revenue is generated, it is with great satisfaction to see the model working and making a difference where folks should expect to see the fruits of their labor, in their own backyard.

The quick growth of MFF is a direct tribute to the value folks place on ensuring our wild things and wild places continue to exist for generations to come. MFF is committed to engaging local stakeholders to keep the efforts of mule deer conservation, the furthering of the sport of hunting and sound wildlife management as a staple of discussion and action. The conservation of mule deer is a lifelong investment and one that is worth every effort to pursue. Quite simply, MFF’s work is synonymous with safeguarding the opportunities that makes living out west so desirable. Together we will continue to garner support and be a part of the solution that works diligently to conserve the icon of the west and our cherished sportsman heritage. Conservation is more than hunting or working to maintain sustainable and healthy critter populations, it is a responsibility.

By purchasing the 2020 Muley Fanatic calendar, you're not only supporting the cause you're giving yourself 131 chances to win a FREE firearm.

NEW FOR2020:

131 guns will be given away in 2020.  Calendar purchasers are entered into ALL 131 drawings!  Only 3500 calendars will be sold, which is 1500 less than previous years.  (this increases your odds of winning)  The first1000 purchasers will be entered in for a chance to win a Kimber 84M Hunter 6.5Creedmoor!

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