Mossberg 500 Combo Field / Security - Weekly Special

Weekly Specials 11/7/18 - 11/13/18

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November 7, 2018

Weekly Specials this week include products from CZ-USA, Rock Island Armory, Heritage, Canik, Hi-Point, North American Arms, Citadel, and this Mossberg 500 Combo Field / Security.

The Mossberg Combo Field / Security is a versatile package. The foundation is the tried and true Mossberg 500 12 Gauge packaged with a 28 inch, vent rib, Accu-Set choke barrel and an 18.5 inch fixed cylinder bore barrel. These two barrels give you the ability to configure the gun for hunting or recreational shooting with the 28 inch barrel or install the shorter 18.5 inch barrel for more of a protection type set up. The package also includes a pistol grip that can replace the traditional wood stock. It's like having 3 different model shotguns in one. Hunting, Home Defense, Cruiser