Kahr/Auto-Ordnance "America First" 1911

Coming soon to Gallery of Guns...

Kahr Firearms Group is excited to announce a new collaboration with Dr. Sebastian Gorka, former advisor to President Trump, radio host, and expert on national security. The “America First” custom Auto-Ordnance 1911 will be one of 300 limited edition pistols, engraved with detailed artwork devoted to the Second Amendment as a Civil Right. Kahr Firearms Group shares Dr. Gorka’s strong conviction that the Right to Keep and Bear Arms is a fundamental human right, and that America should always come first in the hearts of true patriots.

Each of these custom Auto-Ordnance 1911s is artfully engraved by the team at Outlaw Ordnance, with “The Second Amendment is a Civil Right” on the left side, and “America First” on the right. The grips depict Dr. Gorka, and President Trump.  Also depicted are the American Flag, Dr. Gorka’s autograph, and radio broadcast imagery. The finish is Cerakote Burnt Bronze, with Armor Black controls. The “America First 1911” starts as an Auto-Ordnance GI series pistol, made entirely in the United States. Each pistol’s 5” grade barrel is chambered in 45 ACP. One 7 round magazine is included.

Model: 1911BKOC10

Barrel: 5"

Length overall: 8.6"

Weight: 2.3 lbs

Sights: Blade front, rear drift-adjustable for windage

Grips: custom Aluminum Grips

Magazine: 7 Round

MSRP: $1,559

The America First Custom 1911 will be a VERY limited edition. These will be arriving at Gallery of Guns starting in November.

IMPORTANT: If you are interested in purchasing one of these models, please email us HERE. Include "I'm interested in the Auto-Ordnance 1911" in the comments field of the contact form.

We will then notify you when they are in stock.