GunSmarts - from Smith & Wesson - The Grip

Part 2 of a video series for new gun owners. "The Handgun Grip"

Kevin Wilson
November 17, 2020

Continuing our efforts to help educate new gun owners, we present this video series from our long-time partners at Smith & Wesson.

Smith & Wesson has launched an entire series of videos designed to help educate and inform the millions of new first-time firearms owners. We will be posting all of these videos here on the Gallery of Guns blog. We encourage you to watch these very helpful videos and learn more about your new firearm and how to safely handle it.

You'll find as you go along that no matter what your reason for purchasing your gun, there's an entire community of people that will stand ready to welcome you and help you along this journey.

The Handgun Grip - where to put my hands, how much pressure, and more...

Much more to come - enjoy!