Gunpowder Shortage Anticipated in the New Year

A gunpowder shortage points towards ammo price increases in 2024.

GOG Team
December 13, 2023
Industry News

What we know now.

At the beginning of this month, Vista Outdoors sent a letter to its customers announcing ammunition and ammunition components pricing increases coming at the start of the New Year. In their letter to their customers, they stated,

Due to world events our suppliers have notified us of unprecedented demand for and an anticipated global shortage of gunpowder, and thus has increased our prices substantially. We must therefore raise our pricing to help offset those increases.”

On one hand, this is not all that surprising given the global conflicts in both Ukraine and Israel and the support from the US Government aiding in this major increase in demand and consumption of ammunition. The increase in consumer demand for ammunition stemming from the uncertainty caused by these conflicts is another factor that cannot be ignored. As you can imagine there has been quite a bit of pushback from consumers as the letter from Vista makes its way around the internet. Keep in mind, that this news is still relatively fresh and is always subject to change as more facts emerge and more information is brought to light. Stay tuned to the Gallery of Gun’s Blog, we will keep you posted as the situation plays out.

As a side note, take this piece of advice from your friends at and buy a few extra boxes of ammo while it is still “cheap.”

*Image courtesy of CCI Ammunition