Gun Of The Week: Davidson’s Exclusive Shadow Systems CR920 Elite

This Week's Gun of the Week is the Davidson’s Exclusive Shadow Systems CR920 Elite

Welcome to another American Rifleman Gun Of The Week video, and in this episode, we’re on the range with another Davidson’s Exclusive. This time, the company’s partnered with Shadow Systems to offer a complete carry-ready package built on the CR920 Elite pistol. Watch the video below to see it in use on the range.

Davidson’s is one of the largest firearm distributors in the country, and it works with manufacturers to bring special configurations to market that you just can’t find anywhere else. In the case of its collaboration with Shadow Systems, not only is this a unique finish combination that you can only buy through the Davidson’s network of dealers, it’s also offered from the factory with a Holosun EPS Carry optic already mounted to the slide.

Billed as the “subcompact that shoots like a full-size,” the Shadow Systems CR920 is a polymer-frame, semi-automatic, 9 mm Luger-chambered micro-compact handgun. Although somewhat inspired by Glock-style handguns, Shadow Systems took a slightly different approach with its all-American-made pistol, though one of the nice features about the CR920 is the fact that it still fits in holsters designed for the Glock 43X MOS or Glock 48 MOS.

The styling of the Shadow Systems guns provides an extra level of aesthetic appeal compared to many Glock-style handguns, complete with serrations at the front, rear and top of the slide for easy manipulation. The entire top end on this Davidson’s Exclusive variant is finished with a durable Shadow Bronze Cerakote finish, save for the all-black, nitrite-treated, fluted barrel. The gun also comes with a set of tritium-illuminated night sights that can be co-witnessed through the optic window.

On the frame, Shadow Systems provides extensive texturing on the front, back and sides of the grip, as well as texturing on the front of the 13-round extended magazine included with the gun. The texturing, combined with the generous trigger-guard undercut and beavertail at the rear of the grip, allows this small gun to sit low and securely in a shooting grip, which aids in managing recoil. A single-slot Picatinny accessory rail sits at the front of the frame. Control-wise, the pistol features a Glock-style trigger-blade safety, as well as a single-sided, push-button magazine release and mirrored, Glock-style takedown tabs on either side of the frame just above the trigger guard.

While we found this Shadow Systems CR920 to shoot well for a subcompact, it doesn’t exactly feel like a full-size duty pistol. Frankly, there’s no escaping the physics of shooting a small, lightweight gun. That said, this is certainly a great carry-ready package, particularly when paired with the 2-m.o.a. Holosun red-dot sight. With a 50,000-hour battery life, you won’t have to worry about this sight winking out anytime soon. All told, this Davidson’s Exclusive CR920 is a great CCW package straight out of the box, so if you’re looking for an easy way to start carrying, this setup is worth a look.

Davidson's Exclusive Shadow Systems CR920 Specifications

Manufacturer: Shadow Systems Corp.


Action Type: recoil-operated, striker-fired, semi-automatic, subcompact, centerfire pistol

Chambering: 9 mm Luger

Barrel: 3.41"; black Nitride finish

Slide: stainless steel, black Nitride

Frame: black textured polymer

Magazine: 10- or 13-round detachable box

Sights: tritium post front, square-notch rear; optic cut

Overall Length: 6.37"

Height: 4.27" (with flush-fit magazine)

Width: 1.05"

Weight: 17.9 ozs (empty, sans optic)

MSRP: $1,299