Gun Of The Week: Davidson’s Exclusive Glock G43X “The Rose”

This Week's Gun of the Week is the Davidson’s Exclusive Glock G43X “The Rose”

Welcome to American Rifleman's "Gun Of The Week" video series, and here, we’re at the range taking a closer look at another Davidson’s Exclusive. This time, Davidson’s has not only collaborated with Glock but also with Apollo Custom to produce a truly distinctive model of the Glock 43X. Called “The Rose,” this variant is targeted at one of the fastest-growing demographics within the firearm community: women. Watch our video below to see more.

Davidson’s is one of the largest firearm distributors in the country, and it works with manufacturers to bring special configurations to market that you just can’t find anywhere else. Davidson’s has many different Glock models available through its distributor network, but occasionally, the company will also work with custom shops to produce unique options like The Rose. In this case, Apollo Custom added several special touches that make this G43X stand out among the bunch.

Apollo Custom is a one-stop shop for firearm coating and engraving, and on The Rose edition Glock 43X, the company treated the polymer frame with a Rose Gold Cerakote finish, complemented by rose-pattern engraving on either side of the grip panel, as well as both sides of the dustcover. The black background on the frame makes the floral pattern pop, giving this firearm a design that will appeal to women looking for that extra-special touch. The top end of the gun has been specially treated, too, featuring a Shimmering Aluminum Cerakote finish and a tasteful engraving of the gun’s name, “The Rose,” on the side of the slide.

Despite the extensive work done to this Davidson’s special edition, all the practical elements of the Glock 43X design are still present. On the frame, under the Cerakote finish, you’ll still have the backstrap and frontstrap texturing that anchors the gun in your hand, and the rose-pattern engraving even adds an additional tactile feel for a solid grip. At the top end of the gun, underneath the aluminum Cerakote, there are serrations at the front and rear to aid in manipulation, and the front of the slide is contoured to aid in reholstering.

Of course, a set of polymer sights completes the package, having the white-dot front sight and squared-off white outline on the rear. These Glock-pattern sights have always been a weak link in Glock’s factory offerings, but fortunately, there’s a robust aftermarket of Glock-pattern sights out there that make for an easy swap. Other controls on this G43X are typical of other Glock factory guns, to include the single-sided, push-button, reversible magazine release and slide-stop lever, as well as the Glock Safe Action trigger, complete with safety blade.

Unlike Glock’s original G43, the G43X provides a longer grip frame and increased magazine capacity. The height of just over 5” is the same as that of the G19, meaning we enjoyed the full, comfortable firing grip that made this compact model easy to shoot on the range. The 10-round magazine was also a welcome upgrade over the six-round capacity of the original G43. Of course, it being a Glock, the gun ran reliably. We appreciated that this Davidson’s Exclusive version adds a custom touch designed to make the platform appealing to that certain subset of women who just want their dedicated personal-defense gun to stand out.

Davidson's Exclusive Glock 43X "The Rose" Specifications


Action Type: recoil-operated, semi-automatic, centerfire pistol

Chambering: 9mm Luger

Barrel: 3.41"

Frame: polymer; Rose Gold Cerakote, Apollo Custom engraving

Slide: Shimmering Aluminum Cerakote-finished steel

Magazine: 10-round detachable box

Sights: white-outlined square-notch rear, front white dot

Overall Length: 6.5"

Height: 5.04" w/magazine

Width: 1.1"

Weight: 16.4 ozs.

MSRP: $700