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GLOCK Professional Announces a New Training Class for First Time Shooters

GLOCK Professional, headquarted in Smyrna, GA hosted the first ever GLOCK Brilliance in the Basics Course as it prepared to announce the class addition to the 2021 Training Schedule.


SMYRNA,  Ga. – February 1, 2021 GLOCK Professional announces  the launch of a new firearm training course designed specifically for new  shooters called GLOCK Brilliance in the Basics.  This course is designed  for entry level individuals who are seeking professional instruction on the  safe and proper use of GLOCK firearms.


GLOCK, Inc. does not stop at firearm manufacturing but extends  beyond the sale of firearms to support the customer through end-user programs  for both sport shooting and professional firearm training.  These  programs are offered through GLOCK Professional and include GLOCK Training  and the GLOCK Sport Shooting Foundation which are valuable resources for new  and experienced shooters alike.


GLOCK Training offers a variety of courses for all levels of  shooters to include the Armorer’s Course, GLOCK Operator Course, GLOCK  Modular Optic System (MOS) Operator Course, GLOCK Low Profile Carry Course,  and Instructor Workshop.  With an increase in first time firearm  purchasers and a priority in education for safe firearm handling, GLOCK  Professional recently introduced its newest training course, GLOCK Brilliance  in the Basics.


“Firearm safety and education are a priority for us at GLOCK,”  says Joseph Parent, Director of Training at GLOCK. “Our team of expert  instructors are continuously training to provide exceptional educational  experiences to our students and are excited to extend this to new shooters in  a comfortable and safe learning environment.”


GLOCK Brilliance in the Basics is a one-day course that is open  to ages 16 and up who meet background qualifications.  The course  provides all firearm related equipment and is taught by GLOCK Professional  trainers that have years of experience working around North America with  clients of all knowledge levels. With a diverse history in training and  real-world application, the training staff of GLOCK Professional are equipped  to provide quality education to shooters from all backgrounds. Whether new to  firearms or an experienced Law Enforcement or Military official, GLOCK  Professional trains clients in safe, efficient and accurate use of the GLOCK  pistol.


For additional information about courses offered and  eligibility, please visit