FN Announces The SCAR 17S DMR

FN Announces the FN 510® MRD

GOG Team
September 1, 2023
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The SCAR 17S DMR is the benchmark for accuracy and versatility from a light-recoiling, piston-driven platform, extending range and precision with the addition of the 6.5 Creedmoor chambering. This model features the enhanced SCAR 20S rear stock and match trigger for filling the role of a DMR.

Adaptable: Dual, non-reciprocating charging handles ensure any braced or barrier-contact position shoots flawlessly, without interfering with optics or grip style. Fully-ambidextrous controls and precision buttstock adapt to any shooter.

Reliable: Short-stroke gas piston system with an adjustable low-flash gas regulator. The reduced reciprocating mass of the NRCH bolt carrier produces less felt recoil, making a soft-shooting rifle even easier to manage.

Accurate: Fully free-floating, cold hammer-forged, chrome-lined barrel and one-piece machined aluminum upper receiver.
Tested: The most tested rifle platform, SCAR remains the choice of the U.S. military’s most elite fighting forces. Rugged, precise and dependable, all SCARs have earned their stripes.