FNH-USA, Beretta, Taurus, Smith & Wesson

Mark Hanish of FNH-USA returns to show (and shoot!) the brand new FN 15 rifle in .223 with Bo. Beretta’s John Falk brings to the show the ultra-concealable and accurate shooting PICO pistol. Taurus’ PT140 Millennium G2 gets the Gallery of Guns TV treatment with Eric Poole of Guns&Ammo and co-host Anne-Marie. What’s better than a Smith&Wesson M686? The gorgeous 2.5” barreled Performance Center version detailed for us by Eric and Anne-Marie. The “Cool-To-Own” gun this week will appeal to the rapidly growing group of female hunters and not to be missed is another Shooting Tip from pro-shooter Travis Tomasie.
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