Browning, Walther, Savage, Beretta

Gallery of Guns TV is back for Season 6 with Anne-Marie Rhodes and new co-host Aaron Gallagher. Joining the co-hosts is a team of industry experts! Eric Poole of Guns&Ammo shows-off the Browning 1911-380 Black Label, a scaled down Model 1911A1. Bob Hunnicutt of Shotgun News details Walther’s 9mm CCP – the perfectly concealable companion. After viewers get a glimpse of the special “Cool-To-Own” firearm, Ashley Honea of Guns&Ammo shows them what to expect from the SavageA17. Sabastian Fratto of Berretta introduces the A400 Xplor Action with a “Kick-Off Stock System” which reduces recoil.
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